About the artist



a sequence of real or imaginary images like those seen in a dream.

There is a technique fostered by the Surrealists, “Automatism”, whereby one attempts to surrender the conscious mind to the free-flowing exploration of shapes and line. The technique is like cloud-gazing… the hertz of brain  slowing to the lower spectrum of Alpha to Beta. One pushes pigment around tenderly and recklessly. Suspension of attachment makes a path for the pursuit of ephemera.

At the node where cerebral thinking intersects with muscle memory, an artist may ride a line until it blurs into a figure. Worlds begin to form. One may draw upon their lexicon to bring forward stories that are fantastic, honest, unbelievable yet anchored by the laws of optical-illusion. One relies on chance more than design.

Mad Betty paints scenes that are bizarre and dynamic.

Using a neo-traditional method centered around glazing colour into scenes rendered in white plains, Mad Betty maintains the somewhat puritanical  principal of the classical artists, rejecting the use of black paint. Rendering the highlights of the image in white, her technique lets the pooling of colour washes collect into shadows, hot red washes steeped with turquoise to make dark vibrating shadows that are dark yet alive. 

The stylistic content of her work incorporates her realist ambition, but is underscored by deeper spiritual and indigenous symbolism as she draws deeply from her connection with luminous folk-art studded landscapes, fecund jungles and the pastel adobe cities. She has learned many things about the rhythms of nature and lore through her world travels, and paints a glossy homage to their mysteries.